Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's All About Pictures

Some people said that pictures can’t do anything. But for me, pictures and photos and all photography arts are priceless and can be used as a medium to express our feelings. I use my camera in my own way – to communicate and tell people what I felt. I’m not a professional photographer but I love taking pictures and share with people who has a same interest with me. There are some photos in my camera.

All the photos above are taken by me at Melaka. The first photo is ‘Balls in Basket’. I don’t know what is it actually but they are very cute and made from ceramic, I guess. It is from Netherlands.

The second photo is ‘Little Flags from My View’. The third photo is ‘Mengkuang Bag’. The color is very nice. It was made by local people. And the last photo is ‘Beads for Your Hand’.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When Photo Speaks

Hello all visitors. This blog is created for people who loves camera, photos, natures, arts, and everything which is related to the photo world. Actually this blog is one of the medium for me to express my feelings and thoughts about photos and pictures. I love taking pictures and keep something like events or occasion into a small paper.

Besides that, you as a visitor also can show your own talent as a photographer or artist here. You can send me your entire unique photos and artworks and we can share will all visitors and photo-art lovers.

This blog will be updated time by time and I really hope that you guys can have a very nice experience and enjoy this blog.